One of the most interesting ways to explore without trekking is taking a road trip. You can go a road trip, if you do not want to go on atrek, and still enjoy the Himalayan life and nature. We have designed some interesting road trips, to make sure the traveller in you is appeased. The road trips involve travelling on high altitude roads, that go right beside the perennial Himalayan rivers, that cut deep gorges. These roads alone will leave you by surprise when you find them cutting through steep mountains, twirling around the hills and going to remote villages.

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Best Seasons:June - October
Popular Location:Shimla, Leh

    Hatu Peak Trek

    Camping, Road Trips, Trekking

    Hatu Peak is situated at an elevation of 3400m and only 8 kms from Narkanda town. Hatu Peak offers 360 degree view of the snow capped Himalayan Peak. Hatu Peak…

    from 3,200.00
    Spiti Valley Winter

      Spiti Valley Winter Tour 2019-20

      Road Trips

      You think of Spiti, and you think of large mountains sprawling far into the eternity, and the villages perched on the top of those slopes, like oasis in the middle…

      from 23,000.00