TripHermit Expeditions has actively begun its operations in 2017 and has emerged as a Camping aggregator as well as an adventure & cultural tour specialist in the Himalayan region for people in the Domestic market as well as in the International Market.


TripHermit Expeditions’ objective is to create a sustainable tourism environment by using the locals knowledge and expertise in identifying hidden trails of the Himalayan region. TripHermit also strive to create a chain of camping sites in some of the most serene and beautiful locations in Himachal Pradesh with the help of local land owners. Overall, TripHermit Expeditions aim to become the largest aggregator of camp sites, adventure activities on less travelled trails and cultural experience provider. This objective does not prohibit TripHermit from participating in additional segments. It does, however, provide a corporate focus and a differentiated offering.


TripHermit Expeditions came into existence after realizing the need of sustainable tourism while traveling to remote Himalayan locations. TripHermit’s founders while on high altitude treks realized the need of camps instead of hotels/homestays en-route to acclimatize better. However, in the absence of such camps they were required to carry heavy tents which in turn increased the fatigue as well as costing. Also, during these expeditions they realized how locals were selling their homestays as a hotel experience instead of authentic cultural experience. These personal experiences lit a bulb and TripHermit Experience was born.