It’s very important to us that by hosting visitors in THE Himalayan regions that we are all mindful of the environment, the traditions and local etiquette – this is especially important for us when visiting the remote rural areas, mountains and galciers. We want your visit to leave a lasting impression only upon your spirit, but not upon the landscape.

Some will say that in order not to have a negative impact on local ecology, climate and environment, then the tourist should never go travelling! The domestic economy of himalayan region is very much dependent on inbound tourism and targets have been set within local economy to increase the influx of visitors hugely over the coming decade. This requires a delicate and thoughtful approach at all levels.


At Triphermit Expeditions we want to strike the balance between the need for economic prosperity and the preservation of local traditions, livelihoods, communities and delicate eco-systems.

We also feel that responsible travel works both ways. It’s the duty of the local team to give enough information to the visitor to help them understand what they see and help them to be both respected and respectful.