Trekking Options Near Shimla

The queen of the hills, Shimla, is not just called so, but truly lives up to its name. From shopping to adventure, camping to trekking, there are various trekking options in and around Shimla. The town is not just another tourist place with mortar buildings and British era landmarks but also the starting point of some fantastic treks. There are beginners as well as advanced treks that you can go on and make the most out of your precious leisure time in Shimla. If you are wonderingwhat to do in Shimla, check out these treks to find an answer.


Some of the best treks around Shimla are:

Churdhar trek–The enthralling trek to Churdhar peak is one of the most appealing treks near Shimla. Being the highest peak of Lower Himalayas at 3647 m and offers absolutely unobstructed views of the chain of mountains around. The trail ofChurdhar trekis a mix of steep as well as easy gradient. While you pass through green Himalayan vegetation. Then rocky boulders, you are just captured by the beauty of the mountains all over again.

Hatu peak–Hatu peak lies at around 8km from Narkanda town, a quaint little town on the east of Shimla and close to Indo-Tibet border. At 3400m, Hatu peak trek is a trekker’s dream as it offers unmatched views of the snow-capped mountains. This is one of the not-so-famous treks but avid travellers, who are always on the look-out for new treks to set foot on, couldn’t miss it. The trek route passes through dense rhododendron vegetation and the smell of freshness will relieve you of the city stress. As it is notknown to many, it is the best place to find some solitude.

Shali Tibba–Known as the highest peak of Shimla, the Shali Tibba trek lies at about 35 km from Shimla. The standalone peak is also home to the Goddess Bhimkali temple atop, which is of great significance to the local community. Classified as a beginner’s trek, Shali Tibba lies at 2867m and one of the easiest treks near Shimla. The gradient is fairly easy for you to go on this trek with your family or even go alone as a first timer.

shali Tibba

Kuppar Bugyal trek – Thefascinating Kuppar Bugyal trek begins at a place called kharapathar, around 70 km form Shimla. The trail is shaded with tall cedar trees and attractive Himalayan flora and fauna. The route passes along the astounding Giri Ganga river and lovely hamlets and villages with Himalayan architecture that leave you awestruck. Once you reach the summit you are blessed to see the scenic Pabbar valley and lower Himalayas as far as your eyes can see.

These are just the top most treks around Shimla although there are many others, which you can choose from. Please check out our Shimla trek section for more details on these treks and also some more treks which you might want to add to your list of achievements.